"Get Inspired, Get Empowered"

"Every woman living in India aspires to be financially independent so as to live with self-respect and dignity,
Calsen Agro is in process of turning this dream into reality".

-Sebin Sajan (CEO)

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Transform lives from marginal existence to financial independence.

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Empowering ordinary woman to become extra ordinary.

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Nurture ethical values in the children for a better society.

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Value scientific temper and reasoning; work on research and development.

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Respect the nature and sustain and transfer it to next generation.


About the Company

Calsen Agro is a company born out of dedication and hard work and futuristic vision,and the passion of being an entrepreneur with a cause, Mr Sebin Sajan starts out his journey of transforming his dreams into reality.

Calsen Agro is involved in farming agro based and allied products as we believe in eating healthy food is the answer to many of our illness and lifestyle diseases.

By employing innovative methods in farm practices we are able to bring down the cost of production and pass the benefits to our valued people so that and enjoy products which are free from harmful chemical and pesticides and hormones and therefore on the long run it increases vigour and vitality

Our Agro ventures include farming of country chicken for its Egg, Meat, and production of Bio-Manure, setting up of aquaponics units for farming of exotic vegetables in cost effective method, Dairy farm for production of milk and milk products.


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