Products & Services

Calsen Country Chicken Eggs

Our Eggs come from country chicken which grow in its natural environment and raised in the farm hence they are healthy and pure

Calsen Country Chicken Meat and Meat Products

Our meat products healthy and stronger as they are free of hormones as the chicken grow in normal rate of growth under the natural surroundings

Calsen Fresh

We farm our vegetable in controlled environment and therefore the vegatable are free from pesticides and growth hormone we cultivate our vegetables in around the cities and are able to provide it fresh at a lower price without compromising quality.

Calsen Aquaponics

Aquaponics is an science of employing fish generally Tilapia which produces organic compound required for the growth of the plant. In order to make our nation self sufficient we engage ourselves with like minded people and form farm clubs and set aquaponics , we assist them by providing technical and financial assistance and market and sell the products, and generate revenue and uplift socially backward class.